Dragon Age Origins Class Guide – Kalashtar

The kalashtar is a dragon-like monster found in Dragon Age: Origins. They have no dreaming ability but are resistant to spells like Dream. They can speak and write Common and Quori. They can learn at least one language but can be trained to understand more. Here are some characteristics to consider when creating your kalashtar:


The Kalashtar are good-aligned dream spirits from the plane of Dal Quor. They are humanoids whose minds travel there while they sleep. They first appeared in DnD 3.5’s Races of Eberron supplement. Their characteristics are centred around reason and feature increases in Charisma and Wisdom. They also have increased resistance to psychic damage and limited telepathy. As a result, Kalashtar are pigeon-holed into spellcasting classes, but their abilities are not limited to that.

Although Kalashtar has no talent for interacting with others, they have an eye for scrutinizing others. They gain a +2 bonus to Perception, Sense Motive, and Knowledge. Their traits replace the People Person trait, which they would otherwise have. As a result, the Kalashtar does not have a good ability to interact with others, but they have an excellent eye for learning about their foes.


The Kalashtar class is an excellent choice for druids. In 5e, they get a +2 Wisdom bonus to their ability score. There is also a good chance that they can learn Quori as they speak the rare language that exists only in Eberron. The class also has a good alignment, and the ability to see through other people’s minds is useful for druids. In addition, they can use the Wisdom bonus to improve their spellcasting skills.

The Kalashtar class has a psion talent, equivalent to telepathy. This ability does not wear off as the kalashtar levels up. This talent also grants them a +2 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy checks. They cannot use spells that require them to dream. Furthermore, they cannot use spells that require them to use their telepathy. Finally, they can speak Common, Quor, or another language, but not both.


There are several Subclasses of Kalashtar. The champion character has great raw physical power and is a natural survivor. The Long Death subclass studies death and the mechanics of living and dying and uses its Wisdom to its advantage. Mercy is a class with many uses as a tool to help others, similar to a cleric, but relies more on Wisdom than Charisma.

Other subclasses of Kalashtar include the Rogue and the Hunter. Both these subclasses specialize in different aspects of combat, and thy having degrees of dexterity skill length. The Hunter focuses on Strength, while the Swarmkeeper focuses on Intelligence. The Rogue subclass can be good at dealing with enemies using nature spirits. The Arcane Trickster class is another option, focusing on Dexterity and Wisdom.


The kalashtar are a race of spirits who escaped the evil spirits of the Nightmares to dwell in human hosts and change the nature of the Dreams. This group comprises two races – the Quori, also dream spirits, and the Kalashtar, who are renegade dream spirits with the bonus of humanity. The Kalashtar are otherworldly and human, sometimes feared by their human hosts and hunted by Nightmares.

The kalashtar developed psionic abilities that were more powerful than their human counterparts, although they didn’t have access to all the power of their ancestors. These abilities allowed them to fly, send messages between minds, and transform their bodies into living weapons. This process continued for centuries. In the manga series, kalashtar are called ‘Dragons’. The kalashtar are born when their ancestors die.

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