Glass Door Vs Solid Door Wine Cabinets: Which Option to Choose?

No matter how experienced are you as a wine collector, knowing how to store the bottles correctly is a big decision to make. Whether it is keeping the wine at optimum temperature or choosing the right location, there are so many things to consider when choosing wine storage. While having safe storage ensures that your modern and vintage collection is not ruined in any way, the wine you are serving must stay cool.

You may ask yourself how large should the capacity of the cellar be or whether the storage should have various temperature zones. Well, if this is your first time when searching for a wine cabinet you are only likely to feel overwhelmed. To put an end to your dilemma, you can get the cabinet designed by an expert and search for wine cellar doors to cater to your needs. The question is whether to choose solid or glass doors for the cabinet. You may think why choosing a solid or a glass door may matter. The glass door scores over solid doors in popularity as the former is more attractive and allows you to display your collections for viewing. On the other hand, sommeliers may prefer solid wooden doors to let the wine mature over the long term.

Glass door: what you should know?

Modern homeowners prefer glass wine cellar doors as it is sleeker than their solid counterparts. Have you wondered why? Here are a few reasons to explore.

  • With various shapes and sizes of cabinets that need to be fitted with glass doors, you may integrate them with the size of the room. If you have adequate space to store the collections, you may have a glass door for modern wine and a solid door for vintage collections.
  • Glass doors allow your guests to check the wine labels without the need to open them. If you are a lover of red and white wines, getting a dual storage option may help. Having separate storage compartments for them with glass doors ensures that it is stored and served properly.
  • Glass-made doors are also appropriate for those who prefer storing the bottles for a short tenure. Instead of leaving the bottles to mature for a long time, you may consume the wine as soon as you purchase it.
  • The glass doors are suitable for easy integration into different ambiances like a commercial place, home, or workplace and are framed with steel or any other material.
  • The options to choose from are wider from compact to under-counter cabinets to accommodate hundreds of wine bottles.

Why solid doors for wine cabinets?

Solid home wine cellar doors are popular among connoisseurs and collectors primarily due to the diversity it offers. If you are passionate about preserving the quality of your favorite drink, the solid door will be a natural choice. Wondering why? Well, the wooden door is a suitable choice for those who want to keep the vintage and modern collections for longer periods and let them mature in a suitable environment. Here is how.

  • The solid doors do not have openings and enable you to provide the right cooling temperature to your collections.
  • Installing a solid door is more appropriate for large spaces and those who do not prefer exposing the bottles to any amount of UV light.
  • With solid doors, you can maintain the integrity of the corks and the wine itself, and aid in proper aging.
  • These doors ensure that humidity inside the cellar is in requisite proportions and what is needed to ensure that the corks in the bottles do not wear out.
  • Solid doors cost less than what it does to produce glass doors and the difference is worth considering.
  • It is more energy-efficient as less electricity is required to maintain a consistent temperature.

Understand the materials

Solid wooden doors are generally made from redwood, pine, or mahogany. You can choose a plain door and customize it with carvings later. If you choose a stained solid door, make sure it matches the racks inside the cellar. On the other hand, glass door lovers need to know that the regular options will not be as thick or airtight as you expect. Make sure you invest in a double or triple pane with gas or vacuum present between panes. The etched glass doors are of the same standard as plain glass with a custom design etched on them. You can choose from the options available in the stores or choose your design to be etched on the glass.

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