Maple vs. Walnut Kitchen Cabinets: Which is the Better Choice?

Two wood that can bring great satisfaction to your woodworking projects is walnut and maple. These are the two hardwoods available easily. Both kinds of wood look great when used on kitchen cabinets.

Maple and walnut kitchen cabinets are the most appealing and versatile types of wood you will come across. If you are confused about which one you should use, our comparison guide can help you with the decision.

1.   Background

Maple grows in the northern part of the US and Canada. Besides its value for lumber, maple tree sap is the primary ingredient of maple syrup. Hard ample belongs to the genus with a minimum of 132 species. The wood is durable and hard and is a good match. Maple’s durability and strength might vary from one species to the other.

You will also find different walnut trees, but just a few grow in the US. The most significant species. The walnut tree’s nuts are edible. The wood is highly sought after by woodworkers of its rich, deep, striking patterns and chocolaty color. When you plan to get modern walnut cabinets, they will be easier to work with.

2.   Appearance

Maple has a creamy and light color with straight and fine grain. You might also see waviness and knots in the wood that adds to its appeal. Maple wood has many grain patterns. Among these, a few are rare. You can also see quilted or curly patterns in the wood.

Walnut is wood that is dark chocolate brown. Even though you can get walnut cabinets in lighter shades, darker ones look more promising. Sometimes, it might contain purple, gray, or reddish shades.

The wood has intermittent figurings, such as crotch, curl, or burl. Its surface has a natural luster and moderate look. You will hardly see it stained due to its natural dark color.

3.   Durability

Even though maple wood has a fine grain pattern and hardness, the wood has a low level of durability. But walnut, on the other hand, might be higher in durability. They are also more resistant to rotting and moisture. However, the wood might not stand up well to insect attacks.

4.   Price

Maple wood comes at a reasonable price. However, hard maple might be a little more expensive than the softer ones. If the maple is especially figured, such as curl or birdseye, it will cost you even more.

Walnut is largely popular and is also easily available. Nevertheless, the walnut lumber’s width might be a little narrower. It is one of the costliest woods that you will find.

So, if you compare maple and walnut, the latter will cost you more.

5.   Uses

Maple is often used for flooring as they are hard. But they also make cutting boards, musical instruments, workbenches, butcher blocks, and cabinets.

But walnut is most extensively used for making furniture, such as small wooden objects, cabinets, cutting boards, and novelties.

6.   Workability

Walnut and plumber have some common properties, and they are equally workable. They respond to machines and hand tools. But you might find a few sections with irregularities grain a little difficult to work with in the case of both kinds of wood.

Both maple and walnut glue can finish quite well. However, walnut will receive a clearer finish. It helps prevent the overshadowing of the real beauty of the wood grain. Another problem that might arise with maple is that it tends to burn when cut with a high-speed blade.


Both maple and walnut wood is great for your free kitchen design. But walnut can be more durable and better for your kitchen cabinets.  

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