Here’s what makes the MMA Mats an ideal choice for Martial Arts Studio

The key to safely practising Martial Arts lies in the flooring you choose. Whether you are looking for flooring options for residential use or your commercial martial arts studio does not matter. You should always invest in quality MMA Mats that sports feature paramount to keeping athletes safe and secure.

Qualities in MMA Mats that make them ideal for Martial Arts

MMA Mats sport several unique features that make them suitable for groundwork and ground fighting. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Fall Protection: MMA Mats offer enough shock absorption, which protects the athletes during takedowns. This shock absorption feature help reduces impacts on the body, thereby preventing potential injuries. MMA Mats are also firm enough to prevent the athletes from sinking to the surface. This firmness becomes essential for spins, standing work, and leaps common in combat sports.
  2. Skin Protection: Besides absorbing the impact of a fall, MMA Mats also protect the athlete’s skin whenever those athletes contact the mats. If you work with a traditional flooring surface, you might get affected with very painful skin burns. The best MMA Mats feature no-burn characters that help in protecting the athlete’s skin. They contribute to takedown and pin safety so that athletes can give their complete focus on training and ground games instead of on staying away from skin burns.
  3. Tight-Fitting Systems: MMA Mats feature an interlocking style that fits together tightly. Any gap in the seams could lead to your toe or finger getting stuck in between the mats, thereby leading to an injury. With MMA Mats, there are tight-fitting seams, covered seams, or a design with no seams.

Different Types of MMA Mats

When it comes to MMA Mats, you get a wide variety of options suitable for residential and commercial applications. They are ideal for any Martial Arts Studio, including your training and competition requirements.

  1. Grappling MMA Mats: Grappling MMA Mats are suitable for Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Ziu Zitsu, and many more. They are specifically designed for takedowns and groundwork, and their no-skin burn tatami texture helps keep the athlete safe. These mats feature a gargantuan four-foot ASTM fall height rating and exceptional shock absorption. What’s more? They can be cleaned easily and are waterproof too.
  2. Judio Jiu Jitsu Mats Interlocking: These MMA Mats are ideal for BJJ< Judo and Martial Arts training. Besides featuring a no-skin burn tatami texture, they are also paired with a firm EVA foam that would never sink in at the seams. These mats are easy to clean and disinfect and waterproof as well. These mats are often double-coloured and double-sided. 

What are Foam Flooring Tiles made of?

Foam Flooring Tiles are mainly made up of three types of materials, namely Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), polyethene (PE), and polyurethane (PU).

  1. EVA Foam Tiles: The closed-cell design of EVA Foam Flooring Tiles makes it firmer than open-cell foam. This same polymer is also used in the production of colourful flip-flops. The softness and flexibility of these tiles remind us of rubber.
  2. PE Foam Tiles: These Foam Flooring Tiles come in a closed-cell design. They can deliver the firmness required in gymnasiums or for certain gyms’ flooring like gymnastics and wrestling. They are also used to cover concrete floors.
  3. PU Foam Tiles: If you are looking for the maximum amount of cushion, PU Foam Flooring Tiles might be the right way to go for. They are designed to immediately absorb floor impacts and return to their original shape. These tiles also find wide applications in memory foam pillows.

Where to use Foam Flooring Tiles?

In terms of usage, Foam Flooring Tiles can offer you a lot of flexibility, and they also bring a wide plethora of colour and texture options to the table, such as leather, faux, tatami, and thatch. It is on account of the cushioned and comfortable nature of these tiles that make them immensely popular for playrooms and kid’s rooms. These Foam Flooring Tiles also find wide usage among the interiors of gyms, yoga training floors, martial arts gyms, and dog training floors. In recent times, it has been seen that these tiles are also being installed in trade shows, offices, and even kitchens, for people who have issues with joint and muscle pains.

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