The Significance of 10Kw Solar Systems

The Paris Climate Accord was an International climate treaty among nations to adapt and mitigate the climate change crisis. With this agreement, world leaders agreed to work toward a low-carbon future. And since then, various solutions have been adapted to work towards a climate-secured end. If contemporary environmental and climatic situations are considered, climate experts agree that one of the greatest and most functional adaptations can be to switch to renewable energy sources. When we speak renewable energy, it is needless to say that solar energy makes for the greatest start. Solar Power systems in Penrith can light up residential and commercial buildings with an ignorable amount of emission.

About 70% of carbon emission worldwide is due to generating electricity from non-renewable sources. Generating electricity pollutes not only the environment with carbon emissions and exhausts the earth’s fossil fuels. So, switching to a renewable energy source, more precisely to solar energy, can help bring sufficient reductions in carbon emissions. Moreover, solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source. The 10Kw Solar System Sydney is a widely used solar arrangement. Let’s find out more about it.

What is a Solar Energy System?

Solar power is utilized with Solar Photovoltaic Technology which converts sunlight into electricity using semiconductors. When the sunlight hits the semiconductors in the photovoltaic cells, the electrons are freed to form an electric current. When the set-up is installed in a calculative manner to create electricity from the Sun’s energy, it is called the Solar Energy System. However, the electricity produced by Solar power is in the direct current form, which needs to be converted into alternating current to run appliances and other residential needs.

What can a 10Kw solar system run?

A 10Kw solar system is arranged to cater to the requirements of high power demands of offices, commercial spaces, and factories without using the grid electricity. It helps in achieving energy independence and decreasing grid dependency. It helps in generating around 50Kwh/units a day using solar energy. The power generated can be stored with a battery and used throughout the night when the Sun is not out.

Being one of the largest residential power systems, it requires a significant amount of space for the set-up, and the roof is generally the best place to arrange the systems for the best exposure to sunlight. The electricity produced by the 10Kw solar power system is instrumental in running the appliances of a 5-bedroom house, like multiple lights, televisions, laptops, washer and dryer, refrigerators, pool pump, and central air conditioning or heating system.

An average household usually requires around 20Kwh to 22Kwh power daily, and a 10Kw solar power system produces around 40Kwh to 50Kwh power daily. The direct calculation shows that 10Kw solar energy will be more than enough for a large house to run its electricity needs efficiently. By using a lithium-ion battery to store the electricity produced from solar energy, you can keep a significant amount of power for later use.

Why is a 10Kw solar power system the right one?

When considering alternative sources of electricity for your residential building, investing in a 10 kW solar power system is the best option. Moreover, with the various lucrative rebates and discounts initiated by the government in the solar market, most people find investing in the 10 kW solar power system beneficial.

Generally, a 1 kW solar system requires a space of 66 square feet, so a 10 kW solar system has around 30 to 40 solar panels and will require 660 square feet of area. However, to maximize the return on the investment, you should increase the usage and energy requirements during the daytime. Investing in the solar power system can decrease the dependency on the grid electricity and your electricity expenses.

Installation and maintenance of a 10 kW solar power system:

The best place to install a 10Kw Solar System in Sydney is on the roof with direct sunlight. The better the sun exposure, the better the efficiency and production of electricity. In case the roof is unavailable for installation, installing the system in an unused land space with proper solar exposure is recommended.

The electricity generated by solar systems can be utilized in two ways. One way could be to connect it with the main grid and experience deductions in the annual bill from your energy production. The other popular way is to connect the solar power system with a battery and inverter and utilize the energy produced for everyday use by going off-grid.

One of the best parts of installing solar power systems is that it does not require some exclusive and severe maintenance. Apart from routine maintenance, cleaning up the solar panels does not require anything special to keep running effectively. Moreover, they are an investment that could last for years and efficiently produce electricity.

Bottom Line

Switching to a Solar Power System in Penrith is undoubtedly a feel-good experience regardless of the savings that it brings. It is beneficial on many fronts, from contributing positively to the environment to opting for a low carbon footprint lifestyle through solar power. Make your switch today and power your house with solar energy.

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