How Can You Get Help for Your Research Papers Online?

Research Papers

Most students struggle in writing their academic papers. An academic paper has paramount importance in pursuing a research career. It does not matter if you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student. A research paper published in a high-impact journal will pave your path to your desired academic position. But the question is, how will you achieve it?

A research career is already hectic and tough. So, students usually look for research papers online help for a quick solution. Those days were gone when you sneak into the university library and spend hours studying a book.

Now multiple online databases, servers, and services are available to help the student to formulate a good research paper. Let’s explore some tips that will help you in your research paper. But before going into the details, let’s clear some misconceptions about it.

Why Need Online Help?

Students often feel reluctant to take any online help. Sometimes they are right because the online world is full of scams and frauds. However, you can’t progress in this upgraded world with this perception. Scams are there, but you identify perfect platforms that do not require any personal information from you.

Another misconception students have is that they are unwilling to take help as they already have their advisor’s support. A supporting supervisor is good to have, but you can’t rely on them all the time. You have to look for research paper help online to troubleshoot your experiments, literature review, and in-depth research on your topic.

This is why online help is essential to broaden your research perspectives.

7 Ways To Get Help Online For Research Paper:

Are you looking for an authentic source for your research paperwork? Well, you are not alone. Here are seven easily accessible online help for your research paper.

Connect With Scholars By Emailing Them:

Students forget the important thing which is available to them all the time. Yes, it’s email. Writing the authors of your interested research paper will help you to connect with them and give you a chance to discuss their paper in detail. You don’t need to dig deep to get their email information.

All research papers online have detailed information about the author’s contact, email, and institution. Many authors contribute to a research paper but always contact the first or corresponding author to get an immediate response. These authors will be happy to share their work with you.

Google Scholar:

Another online help you can avail of for your research paper is to use Google Scholar. It is ranked number one by scholars worldwide. The following are the benefits of using google scholar:

  • Find relevant papers with keywords.
  • Year-wise access to papers.
  • Create your library by building the reading list.
  • Authentic collection of academic papers.
  • Connected with citation software to use any style.

Other than that, you can access the library, high-impact journals, and various academic papers. Google created the server and ranked the article based on year, citation record, and authors. So, the top-searched articles you see are the most reliable ones.


Early career researcher needs to develop a deep understanding of their topic. They must study books and academic papers and look for other primary sources to gather relevant information. JSTOR is another server to get research papers online.

Consider it a digital library in which a collection of books, papers, and journals of every field is available. This database includes more than 2500 journals of 75 disciplines, including physics, biology, humanities, social sciences, journalism, and more. The server may require academic institutional email for access.

Servers And Browser Extensions To Access Free Papers:

Other than databases, some servers and browser extensions can freely get research papers online. May students have to pay a hefty amount to journals for a research paper. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. Researchers and scholars around the world have found the solution to this problem. The following are an example of these platforms from where you can freely access any research paper without any subscription charges:

  • Sci-hub
  • CORE Discovery
  • Unpaywall
  • Open Access Button
  • ScienceOpen
  • CORE
  • Library genesis

The list is not ended here. There are other servers as well that will help you to freely access the published scientific paper. Moreover, there is no restriction on using academic email. No matter what you are, a scholar, researcher, undergraduate student, or an industrial person. Easy accessibility to these sources will be great for your research paper help.

Pubmed Source:

Students struggle to find good medical and health data sources and technical papers. PubMed offers a great opportunity to connect the research world with students. The US National Institute of Health founded it. It is an open-access server that provides millions of biomedical and health-related textbooks, data, and research papers. It offers resources to life sciences and medical-related fields.

The Academic Papers Uk

Knowing the name of these servers will not help you to accomplish your research paper’s objective. It is not only about the research, but writing and publishing a paper is the ultimate goal of any researcher. Other than databases, and research papers, online writing services are available to reach your true motives. The Academic Papers UK provides quality writing services in multidisciplinary fields. Some of their benefits are as follows:

  • 24-hour customer chat support system.
  • Offers error and plagiarism-free research paper.
  • Expert and professional writers with advanced writing skills.
  • Keep your data secure and confidential.

Affordable Dissertation Uk:

Don’t limit your option to only one online service. Affordable Dissertation UK also provides research writing paper facilities to their customer. They guarantee to deliver high-quality research with good literature and non-plagiarised content. More importantly, they can help you analyse statistical data using verified software and tools.


Since the advancement in technology, it is a dire need for students to update their sources of information. Taking help from the university library is still not bad, but if there are quick solutions to your problems, why not go for it?

Seeking help for research papers online will make your research work hassle-free. It is not a shortcut but a smart approach to avail online help. So it is for you to decide whether to work harder or smarter.

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