How Do You Install A Lintel Above An Existing Window?

In the context of beam and block slabs, lintels are known as beams, whereas in the context of rib and block slabs, they are known as ribs.


A lintel is a beam installed above a door or window opening to bear the roof load. Without a lintel, the window or door frame must bear the whole weight of the masonry around the opening.

To prevent the door or window frame from being stressed beyond its capacity, a lintel distributes the importance of the start across a wider area of the surrounding masonry. An improperly placed lintel will not serve its intended purpose. Find the best window lintel leak repair Queens.

Instructions for Installing Window Lintels

  • Measure the header height at the approximate window opening. Headers in walls that are 8 feet tall are typically 81 inches above the flooring or slab. The size of the header for walls with potential high windows is shown on a framing plan.
  • If you need to, use a stepladder to reach the top. Mark the height for the bottom edge of the header on the face of each king stud on each side of the rough window opening using the measurement from the subfloor or slab. Use a speed or framing square to ensure the markings are centered on each stud’s face.
  • Find out what size header framing timber you will need. Two-by-four walls often have window openings up to 6 feet wide, framed by four-by-six. Instead of using two by six for the wall, you may use six-by-six.
  • Find the distance between the squared markings on the king studs and use that as your measurement. Cut the right length of lumber by measuring and marking it. Adjust the size of the header by using a circular saw after the mark has been squared.
  • Put the header at the top. Line up the notches on the king studs with the bottom edge at both ends. Line up the king studs’ borders with the header’s vertical faces at both ends.
  • To finish the basic opening frame, use two-by-fours or two-by-sixes. Between the top of the header and the bottom of the top plate of the wall above, place cripple studs at 16-inch intervals.
  • Between the sill and the wall’s, bottom plate, space cripple studs by 16 inches. Trimmers should be positioned at either side of the gap between the sill and the bottom of the header. Before hiring a specialist check out window lintel replacement cost.

Construction Codes, Expert Opinion, and Lintels

Replacing a window sill is considered structural work and may need permission from the local government to perform. Guidelines for attaching lintels to window and door frames may be found on your municipality’s online planning site. The constraints and necessary authorization may vary depending on the situation, the weight of the load, and whether or not the wall is a load-bearing wall, to begin with. In addition, it is highly recommended to get expert advice when determining whether a wall is load-bearing.

Any advice on installing a Lintel should be consistent with what the manufacturer specifies. Please check with the manufacturer’s technical support before purchasing or installing a lintel if you have any questions about its structural performance or compatibility. Steel lintels, in particular, are notoriously tricky to install and must be supported at 1.2m cars until the mortar has hardened. 150mm is the bare minimum for an end bearing.

Bedding the lintel in a mortar and ensuring its level longitudinally and transversely is essential. Use whole bricks, blocks, or pad stones in bearing areas. Do not put weight on broken blocks. A flexible damp proof course (DPC) or cavity tray must be fitted under all lintels in exterior walls. The cavity tray for cavity walls must extend outward by at least 50 mm beyond the cavity return. Lintel-supported inner and outer leaves should be elevated simultaneously to reduce abnormal stress.


Window lintels may and should be put in every kind of window opening, from bay windows to those hollow walls. They are essential for load-bearing walls, but they may also be an appealing addition to non-load-bearing walls and help a window and its surrounding brickwork last longer. Choose the best window leak repair contractor.

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