How Does Taylordle Work?

Taylordle is a game that mixes the popular word games Wordle and Swift. Since its launch on January 28, it has been played over a million times. The word game inspired the Swiftie community to joke about their knowledge of Swift and make memes about abandoning Wordle. Here’s a look at how the game works. It’s fun to play and can be a great way to learn more about Swift.

A plausible guess must have some link to

In this five-letter puzzle, you must choose a word that contains the word “Taylor”. You can choose any five-letter term, but the answer must have a connection to the singer. The five-letter answer must contain an adjective or adverb related to Taylor Swift. You will have six attempts to solve the puzzle.

A five-letter word must be relevant to Swift’s life or body of work

Taylor Swift’s prolific songwriting has left a lot of five-letter words in the dictionary. But the singer’s prolificity doesn’t end with her songs. The singer also has a plethora of media-borne memes to draw upon. More than a hundred seven-letter words are associated with her body of work.

The game is similar to Wordle, with the goal being to guess a five-letter word from the corresponding five-letter tiles within six tries. The tiles turn green when they appear in the correct spot. When they are incorrectly placed, they turn yellow. You lose points if you guess the wrong word. The words featured in Taylordle are all relevant to Swift’s life and body of work.

You get six chances to guess a word

The game is similar to Wordle, except that the answers to a Taylordle must somehow relate to the singer. The words can be anything related to Taylor Swift, including album titles, songs, and relevant Swift names. The sources for these clues go beyond the songs’ lyrics, including Swift’s acquaintances and running memes.

While the game is harder to crack than Wordle, your chances of getting it right on the first try are much higher. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible to guess a Taylordle wonder, and using a reliable word list will greatly help.

You have to guess a word in six attempts

Like Wordle, Taylordle is an online word game where you have to guess the daily five-letter word. Each attempt gives you six chances to correctly guess the word. Missing letters are indicated by a grey square, while the correct letters appear in green squares. The game also offers statistics on your progress and a contrast mode that changes the colour theme of the page.

Like Wordle, this game is a mashup of several different word games. It has a spin-off called Come Follow Medal tied to the Come, Follow Me curriculum. The game hints at the mystery word of the day, which often refers to scripture or hymn. You can also play Taylordle, a spin-off of Wordle that revolves around Taylor Swift. The game features words from four to eight letters that are related to Taylor Swift’s lyrics.

You get six chances to guess a word in six attempts

If you’ve ever played the popular online word game Wordle, you know that you get six chances to guess a word in your six attempts. This game is a bit different because the word you guess doesn’t have to be a word. Instead, you hear a short portion of a song, usually one or two seconds. Then, you have to guess the word based on the music. The game will store your scores and let you share your results.

In this game, you can play up to six times a day. Each time, you’ll get six chances to guess a five-letter word. While you’re playing, the letters will change colour. If you guess a word correctly, you’ll see a yellow or green letter appear. You’ll see the word turn grey if you guess a word wrong.

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