How to Measure the Circumference of a Toilet Paper Roll

To measure the circumference of a toilet paper roll, stretch both ends until they are nearly 17 inches apart. Then, use the formula for square footage: length x width x height to calculate the perimeter of the roll. To get a precise measurement, get an assistant to help you.

Measurement method

In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to determine a toilet paper roll’s circumference is to stretch the two ends of the roll. A standard toilet paper roll has a circumference of about 6 inches. This can vary slightly depending on the quality and thickness of the roll. A caliper can be used to measure the diameter of a toilet roll. This measurement can then be multiplied by 3.14159 to determine its circumference.

You can also measure the circumference of a roll using a ruler.

  • Measure the length of the roll.
  • Once you have the circumference, measure the length and width of each base.
  • Then, add the two areas together and get the total area of the roll.

Common dimensions

The toilet paper roll has various sizes depending on the manufacturer. Some are wider than others, while others are longer. Some brands do not state the exact dimensions of a roll, but they tell you the number of sheets per roll. You can use this information to determine the correct size of your roll.

The length of a toilet paper roll varies from brand to brand, but the typical length is 3.7 inches. Other brands stretch the length up to 4 inches. The tissue paper on a roll occupies the same surface area as the cardboard tube inside so that the total length will be between 3.7 and four inches or ten to twelve centimeters.


You have probably noticed that some toilet paper brands have smaller rolls than others. This is because they are trying to save money by reducing the number of sheets. Some brands do not show the actual size of the sheets on the packaging; they only show how many sheets are included. So, it may be difficult to tell if the roll is big enough to hold a full sheet.

Toilet paper rolls are typically about 900 inches long, but they can vary by brand. Depending on the thickness and the number of sheets, different brands can have different sizes.


Toilet paper rolls come in many different sizes and shapes. Most rolls are 4.5 inches wide and long enough to fit in most toilet paper holders. There are also specialty rolls that are wider or thinner than that. Some brands even offer longer rolls that reach up to nine inches in diameter. A standard roll weighs approximately 227 grams, although these can vary.

The length of a toilet paper roll varies depending on the brand and manufacturer. The average roll is three and a half inches long, while the length of some rolls can be as long as four inches. The total length of a toilet paper roll depends on its width and a sheet count.

Number of sheets

The number of sheets on a toilet paper roll varies depending on the brand, style, and ply. Cheaper toilet paper rolls will have smaller ply and more sheets wrapped around the cardboard tube. Another factor to consider is the roll’s length. The average length of a roll will be about 900 inches or about 75 feet.

An excellent way to calculate the surface area of a toilet paper roll is to roll out a few sheets and stack them,

  • Forming a rectangular prism.
  • Then, measure the height and width of this prism, assuming the height is similar to the roll’s density.
  • Then, multiply the two bases using the formula A=lw+b.

Finally, multiply the two formulas together, and you’ll find the total surface area of the roll.

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