The Best Bitcoin-friendly RDP Provider

Thanks to advances in technology, you can see much progress in communication and computer science over the last few years. Due to the increase in demand, more and more services are constantly produced which paves the way for everyone to use internet facilities while removing the restrictions. One of these services is RDP, the current article’s subject. With the introduction of cryptocurrencies in recent years, it has become possible to purchase RDP and other services anonymously and take advantage of other benefits. “Operatives” is one of the best RDP providers that allow you to purchase this service using Bitcoin.

This article addresses RDP service and how to buy its servers with cryptocurrency and introduces the best bitcoin-friendly RDP provider.

What is RDP? Understanding Remote Desktop Protocol

Working remotely on a personal computer, real or virtual server, has been one of the dreams of mankind since the first stages of computers being built. With the gradual progress of technology, the need for establishing remote desktop sessions was felt, and Innovative solutions were invented. Currently, there are a couple of approaches to setting up a remote desktop session; one of the most reachable ones is RDP service, also called “Terminal Services.”

RDP, which stands for “Remote Desktop Protocol,” is a protocol (set of rules) developed by Microsoft and enables clients to communicate with a remote Windows computer or server.

The first version of RDP come into existence by Microsoft in 1998 as part of Windows NT Server 4.0 Terminal Server Edition and has gone through many changes as it ripen in its later versions. This protocol provides a graphical user interface that allows the client or administrator to open or modify installed software on the target server or computer as if they were sitting behind it.

To put it simply, RDP allows you to connect to another computer through your pc and, based on the level of access you have, change the targeted computer files, transfer them to the client computer, and delete or reconfigure data.

But when and why would You need Windows Remote Desktop Session? Why should you Buy RDP?

RDP Use Cases

Human needs have always been a prelude to finding solutions and advancing technology. Meanwhile, RDP was developed to meet the following needs:

Remote work

Although telecommuting has been around for a long time, remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years. The new coronavirus global pandemic made many businesses provide the necessary infrastructure for remote work and train their employees. Furthermore, more freelancers were recruited, necessitating a burst in remote communication.

RDP allows employees to remotely connect and work on the company’s computer, where potentially important and confidential documents are located. The data duplication to transfer from the office to the personal computer can be associated with potential risks, which can be solved by using or purchasing RDP servers.

Remote Troubleshooting

Purchasing RDP allows your company technician or corporate help desk to diagnose and resolve client issues remotely. This reduces the need for physical displacement and the cost of repairs.

Remote Administration

Admin can remotely reconfigure and determine the different levels of access for each client and handle network server issues.

These are the reasons that lead businesses to use RDP and purchase an RDP server.

How to buy RDP?

RDP is a protocol that is enabled by default on your Windows. So, when it comes to buying RDP, it is not about buying an installed protocol but rather about buying a related server.

Buying an RDP server is buying a server that you can connect to via RDP. This server can be real or virtual. RDP server usually doesn’t allow you admin access. However, you can take advantage of administrative access in case you buy an RDP server from OperaVPS.

RDP purchases are usually made through bank transactions, the same as you would for buying other items online. However, the development of digital currencies in recent years has provided a new possibility to buy an RDP server, which is buying them with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike regular currency (Fiat currency,) cryptocurrency is any form of currency that, is not issued by any government authority. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are popular ways to pay online anonymously. In general, buying RDP or anything else with Bitcoin has the following advantages:

Why Use Bitcoin to Buy RDP? Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a type of digital money that is used for electronic commerce and investing. Each Bitcoin is equivalent to19129.50USD. Using Bitcoin instead of Fiat currency to buy RDP includes the following benefits:

Costs Reduction

For Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the fees associated are much less than those associated with debit and credit cards. Even Sometimes, the Bitcoin transaction can be completely free of charge. The fees are approximately 60-70% less than those associated with accepting debit or credit cards.

International Use

Bitcoin is a global currency, and you don’t need any currency exchange to spend it. No matter where you are, you can make your purchase more affordably and quickly by bypassing exchange fees.

Safe Payment by SmartPhone

Wherever you are, if you have access to a smartphone and the internet, you can safely buy an RDP server with Bitcoin.

Anonymous Purchase

Although you do not remain completely anonymous when spending Bitcoin, considering that you are mainly identified with numerical codes and can use multiple public keys, you are largely safe from public tracking. In other words, if you want to buy an RDP server anonymously for arbitrary reasons, spending bitcoin is the best way.

More Security

Cryptocurrency is very safe, and its reliability is increasing progressively. Even if your wallet address becomes public, you can generate a new wallet address to keep your information safe. You are the only one who knows how many bitcoins are in your digital wallet.

As you can see, the many benefits of buying with cryptocurrency make it wise to buy an RDP server with Bitcoin.

Find a Good Bitcoin-friendly RDP Provider

A good bitcoin-friendly RDP provider will supply you with all the features you need. Things to look for include the following:

Positive Attitude and Customer Support Skills

It would be best if you thought about long-term cooperation; this involves troubleshooting, upgrading the server, and reconfiguration. Without a positive attitude, you probably cannot carry on with the provider, even if the offered facilities are flawless. Before purchasing an RDP server, talk or correspond with the provider to find out more about their customer support skills.

Server Features

The RDP server you buy should have the following characteristics:

Enough Storage Space

Depending on your business, storage space is the first consideration. For small businesses, a few gigabytes is mostly enough, but you need to make sure that the storage space is expandable. Sometimes the unlimited volume is provided with special conditions.

Amount of Bandwidth

Be careful not to confuse the amount of Bandwidth with Storage Space. Bandwidth is the accumulated amount of data the provider company allows to be uploaded or downloaded in a given month. Once the bandwidth limit is met, you must pay extra per MB consumed.

Administrator Access

Most RDP servers do not come with admin access. This access is important as it allows you to have full control over the server and install any software you need on your own. If you do not have administrator access, your authorities are limited and you can only use pre-installed software on the server.

Meet the Best Bitcoin-friendly RDP Provider

OperaVPS provides you with the best RDP servers you need. You can easily Buy RDP With Bitcoin. Our RDP server features are as follows:

  • Full Admin RDP: You can install any software you need
  • Flexible hardware: From 40 to 80 GB SSD Storage, more storage is negotiable
  • Ultrafast SSD
  • Various locations: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, and Poland
  • Incredibly cheap price
  • Different payment options: Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (MXR), Perfect Money, Credit Card (CC), PayPal


As a protocol developed by Microsoft, RDP enables clients to have remote desktop sessions. It’s one of the best options for working from home, remote troubleshooting, and remote administration. Buying RDP means buying a server that you can connect to through PDT.  Remote Desktop Protocol offers a graphical interface to see the remote monitor. You can transfer files from the server to your PC, make changes and install software on the target computer, just as if you were sitting behind it. Multiple users can use each RDP protocol. So, you can allow access to different clients and determine the level of access for each individual.

If you want an RDP server, don’t hesitate to buy it now at the best price from OperaVPS.

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