Hydro Shop: Your One-Stop Shop for All Horticulture Needs


Hydro Sh, also known as HGS, is a garden supply store established in 2015. The store provides a wide range of quality products, competitive pricing, and expert advice to cater to all types of horticulture needs. HGS is the leading garden supply store in Michigan, and with its expert team, it has established an excellent reputation among its customers.

A Variety of Brands and Products

At HGS, customers can choose from the largest variety of brands and products available in the market. The store has established excellent relationships with the brands it carries, enabling it to offer the best prices available. Customers can trust the brands available at HGS and be assured of their quality and effectiveness.

Great Sale Offer

HGS offers a price match guarantee, which means that customers can buy their products without worrying about prices. HGS will match or beat any prices available in the market, providing customers with the best deals available.

Expert Support and Customer Service

At HGS, customers are not only guaranteed quality products, but they also receive expert advice and support from the team. HGS has a knowledgeable team that is always available to help customers. Whether it is in-store, via phone, or email, customers can get the support they need to achieve their horticulture goals.


Hydro Shop is the best place to go for all your horticulture needs. With its wide range of products, expert support, and excellent customer service, customers are guaranteed the best experience. Visit HGS today at 1721 Maple Lane Ave, Hazel Park, MI 48030, call them at (888) 447-7714, or send them an email at contact@hgshydro.com. Join the community of satisfied customers and experience the best horticulture store in Michigan.

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