Keeping An Office Building Safe and Clean with Dettol 5 Litre: A Powerful Antiseptic Liquid for Commercial Use

Dettol 5-litre

The Dettol Antiseptic Liquid is the country’s most loved and trusted household product. Between 2021 and 2022, nearly 161 million Indian households purchased Dettol, making it India’s No. 1 antiseptic liquid brand. Indeed, we will be hard-pressed to find a single home without the golden yellow bottle in the first aid box or stored among the cleaning and disinfection products. If we look closely, we will realise that offices and commercial establishments use Dettol for its numerous benefits.

Let’s find out how businesses use the ubiquitous Dettol Antiseptic Liquid.

A Legacy of Trust

The Reckitt Benckiser Group has a two-hundred-year-old legacy of developing and producing products that embody the best in cleaning, sanitation, and personal hygiene. Some of the most iconic global brands, such as Dettol, Harpic, and Lizol, belong to the portfolio of Reckitt Benckiser offerings. In India, the Dettol brand represents 90 years of commercial expertise in germ protection, safety, and hygiene. All establishments use the versatile Dettol antiseptic liquid in both homes and offices. It is a product that is trusted to protect everyone from diseases and infections. The Indian Medical Association recommends the use of the Dettol Antiseptic Liquid.

Dettol for Hospitals

Nearly all the country’s hospitals, clinics, medical centres, and doctors’ chambers use the Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. The most popular use of Dettol is as an antiseptic agent used to clean wounds, nicks, cuts, and scratches. Its surgical use entails cleaning surgical scars before and after surgery. It cleans the skin and prevents infection from entering the wound. You can use the Dettol solution best by adding water to mop floors, soaking tools and implements, and sanitising surfaces like handles and doorknobs. It protects against 100 disease-causing germs and pathogens in high-risk environments like hospitals.

Dettol for the Hospitality Industry

After the healthcare industry, hospitality-related businesses are among the greatest users of the Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. With a huge footfall, most hotels are concerned about guest safety and protection, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic. Using Dettol to clean floors and surfaces offers an assurance of safety. Most hotels with largescale washing units add Dettol to the rinse cycle to disinfect the towels and linen before reusing. Restaurants prefer to use Dettol solution to clean and disinfect dining and waiting areas. According to recent surveys, using Dettol promotes trust and assurance among guests.

Dettol for Offices

Offices, showrooms, warehouses, and co-working spaces attract a high footfall. As a result, staff, customers, and visitors regularly touch surfaces like doorknobs, handles, bannisters and handrails, reception desks, elevator buttons, and cafeteria surfaces. Sanitising them regularly using the Dettol liquid is the most effective way to eliminate germs and pathogens and protect the office. You can use Lizol for floor cleaning and stain removal.

Dettol for Schools and Hostels

Schools and hostels are particularly vulnerable to the spread of diseases because children do not have fully developed immune systems. As such, our administrators are responsible for ensuring complete hygiene and regular sanitation. The use of Dettol antiseptic liquid is perfect for disinfecting surfaces. Hostels can also encourage students to add Dettol liquid to the bathwater. Similarly, those conscious and particular about maintaining good hygiene must promote the Dettol handwash from an early age.

Dettol – Making the Smart Choice

All Dettol products, such as the antiseptic liquid, handwash, and wipes, have been proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Keeping your premises clean for staff and customers is your priority, and Dettol is your best friend. A recent study reveals that nearly 80% of the guests returning to stay in hotels after the pandemic are concerned about germs and infections. The Dettol brand reassures them of your high standards of hygiene and care. Commercial spaces also require additional floor and toilet cleaning and protection. The best products for these come from Harpic and Lizol, both from the Dettol brand.

Dettol Pro Services

Planning and buying in bulk are the cornerstones of inventory management in any business establishment. The need for high-volume cleaning and disinfection supplies is manageable with the help of the Dettol Pro Services website. The site offers Dettol 5-litre pack, Dettol handwash, Dettol wipes and all other Reckitt Benckiser products needed to keep the office environment healthy and hygienic. You can customise your monthly basket and order ahead for timely delivery and great savings. Ordering Dettol supplies through the site offers up to a 40% discount on the MRP of the products.

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