No-Code Decision Intelligence

Data Science and Advanced Analytics have become more tempting than ever for organizations across almost all fields and business domains. Corporate leaders rush to enforce an analytics-driven decision-making culture hoping to accelerate business performance. Investing heavily in technology, collection, and data storage as fundamental business priorities, but more as a “knee-jerk” reaction that is obviously not enough for an effective analytics strategy, although it might seem completely understandable. 

Unfortunately, most organizations fail to get the best value possible from employing such a practice.

 Well, it is not only about Data Modernization, instead, but it is about closing the gap between engineering and business. It is about lowering the cost of development & maintenance. Currently, the Data engineering team has a productivity problem, and COVID has accelerated these issues to a greater degree, not because Data engineers are not good, but because the demand is very high, ue cases are becoming very complex, and the need for the fastest delivery of data is not at sleep.

I was hoping to tell you a bit about AI Surge Cloud and how we might be able to help. 

AI Surge is a no-code Decision Intelligence platform that helps businesses predict accurately and efficiently without writing a single line of code. 

It’s like Data science without data scientists. 

We are a partner with Databricks and AWS. We were selected as an Emerging Tech by Gartner. 

In short, it cuts down data science time by 90%. and allows customers to retain knowledge so any newly hired Data engineer and Data scientist can seamlessly take over the job of innovations or futuristic engineering.

FYI, I recorded a Demo video presentation for you: 

1.       AI ready Dataset (NO-Code Data Engineering) 

2.       Credit Risk Use Case (NO-Code Data Science)

Keep your data scientist limited to purely analytical activities and enable them to automate tedious tasks!

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