Seraphina Watts Net Worth and Other Facts About the British Model and Entrepreneur

Seraphina Watts is a model, entrepreneur, and Internet personality. She is the daughter of Charlie Watts. Her net worth is unknown. She has never revealed her income. In addition, she never told her marital status or husband. Despite her burgeoning career, Watts has remained private about her finances.

Seraphina Watts is a model, entrepreneur, and Internet personality.

Seraphina Watts is a British model and entrepreneur. She was born on March 18, 1968, and is a Christian. She has one daughter, Charlotte. She has not revealed much about her personal life. Watts was previously married to advocate Nick Watts. The couple later divorced. She then married Barry Catmur, a managing director at BPMC Consulting. Watts is also the daughter of famous British drummer Charlie Watts. Her father passed away on August 24, 2021.

Seraphina Watts has been married twice and has a daughter, Charlotte. She has no social media accounts and keeps a low profile. She is probably very busy with her work and family and isn’t available to talk to fans online.

She is the daughter of Charlie Watts.

Charlie Watts is the son of a truck driver and a housewife. His passion for music started early in life. After hearing a jazz legend, Chico Hamilton, play the drums, he was hooked. Watts studied jazz music and eventually became a professional drummer. Later, he played in the band Blues Incorporated, which led him to become a member of the Rolling Stones.

Seraphina Watts is the daughter of Charlie Watts and Shirley Ann Shepherd. She attended local schools until she was twelve before being sent to boarding school. Watts’ expulsion from high school was the result of a drug conviction. She has one daughter, Charlotte Watts.

She has never revealed her net worth

Seraphina Watts has never revealed how much money she makes, but the public has a good idea. We know she owns a gorgeous piece of real estate in Rhode Island, and her net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million. She may have more money, but we’re unsure if it’s a lot or a small amount.

Seraphina Watts hasn’t revealed her net worth, but she’s been an accomplished musician for decades. She later turned her attention to the business world and now dedicates much of her time to establishing companies worldwide. She lives with her husband, Barry Catmur, managing director of BPMC Consulting, and their children, Charlotte and Nick.

She married an advocate.

Seraphina Watts married an advocate named Nick Watts in 2017. They had a daughter, Charlotte, and shared a house in Rhode Island. After a few years, Seraphina Watts and Nick separated. Afterward, she married Barry Catmur, the managing director of BPMC Consulting. Their daughter Charlotte is a model and aspiring fashion designer. She aspires to be as successful as her grandfather was.

Seraphina Watts was a well-known British model and entrepreneur. Her father was a drummer in the Rolling Stones. She was educated at a top UK university. The family has not disclosed her cause of death. Seraphina Watts was born on March 18, 1968, and she was 53 years old when she died. She never revealed much about her private life.

She has a daughter with Nick Catmur.

Seraphina Watts is the wife of Barry Catmur, the managing director of BPMC Consulting. They have a daughter, Charlotte Watts. She is also a fashion designer. Her daughter modeled for the magazine ‘Hello.’ She hopes to be just as successful as her grandfather.

Seraphina Watts has a previous marriage. She was married to lawyer Nick Watts and had a daughter with him. She later divorced him for personal reasons. Her new marriage is the first since the divorce. However, the couple has been pictured with Keith Richards and Charlotte Watts.

Seraphina Watts married Barry Catmur in 2017. The couple has one daughter, Charlotte. The couple is a millionaire and lives a lavish lifestyle. However, they have yet to talk about their professional lives.

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