Snapchat Premium and Its Features

Snapchat Premium

Maybe you all are aware of the term “Snapchat and its features” so let’s start directly to the point and discuss “what is Snapchat premium and how does it work“. Every app has its premium versions that start with some plans and packages. Here you got to know about Snapchat Plus and how to start premium Snapchat

Snapchat becomes a very large platform for snaps and their filters. You get some extra and advanced features with Snapchat Premium. Whether it is a Snapchat story or new emojis, everything gets superior and users like it very much. The only thing you have to do is buy a plan to start the premium version of Snapchat. 

How Does Snapchat Premium Work?

Let’s move directly to our agenda on how Snapchat Premium works. It has some advanced features that set it apart from regular Snapchat. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Customise Your Story

Every application provides a 24-hour time period for the story but in this Snapchat, you will get a story customized feature where you can set your story time from 1 hour to last one week. It will totally depend on you how much longer you want to show your status, and it will not disappear after 24 hours if you have set any time for the story.

2. Story Rewatch Count

Some people see our story more than once, but unfortunately, we can’t come to know who has seen our story more than once. But Snapchat premium counts the rewatches of the person. Everything you’ll learn here, including who and how many times your story has been viewed.

3. Customise the Camera Border

You all know that Snapchat is famous for snaps and pictures. In Snapchat Plus, you will get a feature to set the camera border according to the view you are capturing with the camera. This colorful border is customizable and sets a complete border when you capture any photo or video. There will be a menu with many colors and you can choose any color that suits your view. 

4. Badge of Snapchat plus

Snapchat Plus has a badge that looks like a star icon. Users who have the premium version of Snapchat get this badge along with their profile. If you have a premium version then you will get the badge and others can see that star along with your username and they will get to know that you have a Snapchat Plus.

5. Snapchat Web

It also allows you to log into other devices through the web. It means you can operate your Snapchat, send photos or videos, and have fun with your friends through your laptop and PC. You just have to use the web feature of Snapchat Plus to log into your laptop or PC.

Snapchat Premium Prices

Now the most important topic that can affect anybody’s mind is “Snapchat Premium Prices“. You’ve learned about the features of Snapchat Plus, and you’re probably wondering how much it costs.

The cost of Snapchat Premium is $3.99 per month. But in India, it is a little bit cheaper at Rs. 49 per month only. Snapchat Premium is not available around the whole world. The subscription is available in almost 25 countries, and it may expand in the future.

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