Guide for Study MBBS in China for Pakistani Students in 2023

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Here, I will guide you on how to apply to a university to study MBBS in China. Almost all pre-medical students in Pakistan want to be physicians. Yet, they are unable to pursue careers as doctors due to high academic requirements at Pakistani medical schools and the hefty tuition at private medical schools. This strategy will help you attain your objective.

Guide for Study MBBS in China:

If you want to Study MBBS in China, you should score high marks in your matriculation, intermediate and entrance tests. There are 108 medical colleges in Pakistan. Every year, 7 students out of 100 can become physicians. It equates to a 7% acceptance rate. This website contains comprehensive information on mbbs in China.

Necessary Documents:

  • Diplomas from high school (10th and 12th results)
  • Passport photocopy
  • finished the application
  • Physical Examination Form
  • Finished Curriculum Vitae
  • Pic the size of a passport
  • Attestation from the Foreign Office / Police Character Certificate
  • Bank statements totaling $5,000
  • Charge schedule signed by both the student and the guardian

MBBS in China:

Further information on why you should pursue your MBBS in China may be found here. This guide will cover everything, from selecting the best medical school to submitting applications and payments.

Anybody with an MBBS from Pakistan or China must now take the NLE Exam. China is the most affordable destination to study medicine. Road infrastructure allows for travel by road from Pakistan to China.


After paying the second-year university tuition, all students who obtained at least 65% in Chemistry and Biology and 70% in English would be eligible for a new student admission scholarship of 7000 RMB (154599.43 PKR).

Fee Structure of MBBS in China:

The following is the complete pricing list for admission to study MBBS in China.

  • Ten thousand dollars for tuition and fourteen thousand dollars for tuition
  • The hostel costs $3500 per night.
  • Cost for Visa Extension: 800; Liaison Fee: 21550
  • Health insurance 800 Insurance for health: 800
  • A $500 registration fee is required.
  • Medical Examine 350
  • Cost for Visa Renewal: $800
  • For the first year, the salary is 38,000 RMB (839254 Total Fee)
  • The first-year payment must be paid upon arrival; otherwise, the student will be required to remain in a hotel until the amount is paid. The price for the second to final year is 20,000 RMB (437295PKR total fee).
  • The charge will be paid in Chinese Yuan (RMB), but exchange rates may cause it to be converted to US dollars.
  • The fees shown above do not cover books, food, or other incidentals. the real students will cover these expenses.

Admission to Chinese Medical University:

Pakistani students would be able to apply to study MBBS in China beginning in March 2022. The whole guide, including the cost structure, is accessible here. Admission requires a minimum of 60% in biology and English, as well as at least 50% in physics and chemistry. The minimum age is 25. Pupils under the age of 17 are not permitted to enroll. The student between the ages of 17 and 18 will produce the power of attorney confirmed by the Chinese Embassy.

Admission Process:

Give us your academic credentials and a registration fee of 2000 RMB. We’ll need your admittance letter. When you submit all of the above-mentioned papers to JW202, a security deposit of 3000RMB will be taken from the fee package. If the Chinese embassy denies your visa application, you may submit an original copy of the admittance letter to us to claim a refund of the security deposit. Please keep in mind that the 2000 RMB entry price and courier are non-refundable, non-countable in the fee, and non-refundable once paid.

MBBS Application and Admission Process in China:

  • The MBBS Application Procedure in China
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Student visa (How to Get visa)
  • A character from the police force
  • Academic record certification
  • Visa Application Form
  • A trip to China
  • Pay the charge
  • Hostel Cost
  • In China, the total cost of the first year of MBBS is
  • PMDC Test Procedures (After Completion of your MBBS)

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