Who Host KBC Game Show Season 14 in India 2023

KBC Game Show

It anticipated that Sony Television’s most popular show, KBC Game Show, will return with its 15th season this year. In the previous year, the first episode of the 14th session was broadcast on August 7th, and the last episode was broadcast on December 30th, 2023, which means that it run for approximately 5 months total.

KBC Game Show Format:

The KBC game show always follows the same format, in which ten contestants picked out of thousands of applicants to take part in the game “Fast as Finger as Fast.” The contestant who responds to the question with the least amount of time spent thinking will be the one who gets to come to the “hot seat” and compete in the game in front of the host. The number of questions altered such that a total of seventeen questions posed to the participants, and two lifelines, namely “ask the expert” and “flip the question,” taken away from the game. However, a new safety net known as “Video call a friend,” which is essentially a video version of “call a friend,” presented in this episode of the show.

KBC Game Show Timing:

The 15th season of KBC will be returning to television with a new and improved format very soon, which has the audience of the show waiting with bated breath. KBC 2023 start date. According to the schedule for KBC Season 14, it anticipated that the grand show KBC 15 will begin airing sometime during the first week of August 2023. A few days after the beginning date for the show announced, the previews for the show will released. The show will have its premiere broadcast on Sony Television every Monday through Friday at exactly 9 p.m.

New Features Adding in Next Season:

Over the past 13 years, the game show KBC has maintained its reputation for airing promptly at nine o’clock every night. The same consistency can expected throughout the 15th season as well. In addition, the premiere of the show took place on Monday at the same time. After the initial broadcast, the show will repeated on television every Monday through Friday at the same time, which is 9 o’clock in the evening.

KBC Game Show Broadcasting:

Sony Television has been the network that has been airing the game show KBC for the past 13 years. This year, the 15th season of “King of the Jungle” will also televised exclusively on Sony Television at the same time. However, thanks to the advent of digital timing, even individuals who do not own a television set are now able to watch shows using a wide variety of alternative methods. You’ll be able to watch the quiz show on your smartphone if you have a subscription to SonyLiv on it, and you can do so right from your device. You can now stream the show on Jio TV as well, even if you already have that service.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan:

There have been a lot of famous people who have hosted KBC in the past, but the megastar Amitabh Bachchan’s charisma has always been what’s kept the Indian audience watching. The show is now narrated in Mr. Bachchan’s distinctive tone, which has become a tradition that will carried over into the new year. There are still a great number of people in this day and age who take part in game shows in the hopes of not only winning the prize money but also getting a glimpse of the celebrity in question. It seems like a great honor to be able to meet the star of the millennium for a lot of people, and as the show progresses through its episodes, viewers will get to see a lot of emotional episodes and journeys like these.

KBC Season 15 :

KBC Season 15 will hosted by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, and viewers can watch the show with Mr. Bachchan as the host on weekdays at 9 PM on the platforms of their choice or one that is most convenient for them. Those viewers who interested in participating in the show should also pay close attention to Mr. Bachchan during the broadcast itself, as he will be discussing the specifics of how game show viewers can take part in the show.

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