What Are Map Pencils?

If you are wondering, what are map pencils? This article will answer your question. The first thing to know is that the color of these pencils is determined by the lead used in pencil. You can also learn about the price and where these pencils are located on a map. Also, you will learn about their different qualities and how they compare to graphite pencils. In addition, this article will explain the differences between these pencils and graphite pencils so that you can better understand what to look for.

The color of map pencils is determined by the lead used in pencil.

There are wide varieties of colored pencils available, but the most common type is oil-based. Oil-based pencils are generally softer than water-soluble pencils, and artist-quality pencils are firmer than their water-soluble counterparts. A good pencil will lay down smoothly and blend easily, and its color will last a long time. Map pencils typically come in five colors: red for primary roads, brown for contour lines, and purple for elevation numbers and aerial photos.

The price of map pencils depends on the total count of colored pencils.

There are two types of map pencils: round and hexagonal. The prices of every kind of map pencil will depend on the number of colors and the count of pencils inside. Some map pencils are more expensive, so you should always check the packaging before purchasing. You can also find different brands of map pencils, as well as wide different varieties of colors. Many are great for kids, but if you want a more advanced setting, you can go for the more expensive ones.

Location of map pencils on a map

The color of a map pencil can help you represent the data on the map. Different colors communicate different types of information. For example, specific colors are better for illustrating nominal data, while others are better for representing ordinal data. Prismacolor pencils, made in Mexico, are oil-based and have excellent lightfastness. On the other hand, Prismacolor Premier pencils are wax based and soft. Their vibrant pigments are perfect for creating detailed maps.

Comparison of map pencils to graphite pencils

The primary differences between graphite and colored pencils are the type of lead and the quality of the pigment. Graphite pencils are graphite and clay, varying from light grey to black. They have a different hardness based on the amount of clay in the lead, so they are suited for various purposes. Engineers and artists generally prefer hard pencils because they have more control over the shape of the information.

Characteristics of map pencils

Colored pencils are widely available; the three most typical kinds are oil-based, water-soluble, and wax-based. You can choose from colored sticks or pencils in packages of eight to 120. While there are many differences between different types, oil-based pencils tend to be firmer than other brands, making them easier to lay down, layer and blend. Map pencils come in five colors: red, which is used for highlighting primary roads, brown for indicating contour lines, and purple for identifying elevation numbers and aerial photos.

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