How to Transform Your Home With Spring Decor

There’s no better time to re-decorate and rejuvenate your home interiors than in the spring. It’s the season of renewal, blooming flowers, and sunshine, and it’s also the perfect time to invite some spring rejuvenation.

Getting rid of the old and transforming your space to be new, fresh, and beautiful will not only enhance your home but can also help to lift your mood. So, be sure to celebrate this time of the year with our easy spring decor tips and ideas.

Use Pastel Colors

Color can make all the difference in your home. From adding a coat of fresh paint to your wall, to changing the bed linens to be brighter and more vibrant, colorful interiors add a decorative touch to any room. Pastel palettes are especially suitable for springtime as they complement the changing colors of nature. From summer dresses to easter eggs, peach, lavender, pink and soft blues radiate spring like no other tones.

A great way to incorporate color in your home is to paint furniture pieces, for example, your lower kitchen cabinets. Adding a sunny yellow or fresh green color can add interest and complement an otherwise simple, natural space. Plus, given that pastels are less saturated than primary colors, they offer a soft and calming atmosphere, and a touch of sophistication.

Change Your Pillow Covers

Accent pillows always spruce up a space and provide an easy way to change your home decor. Once winter passes by, be sure to swap dark colors and winter textures like faux fur and wool with lighter and brighter ones, such as coral-colored cotton covers. White upholstery and maritime designs in the living room are an excellent way to welcome spring, as are pastel and solid pillow covers.

Add a Floral Touch

Since spring is the season of fresh flowers, it’s also the best time to bring out floral designs. Whether in your clothing or your interiors, any type of floral pattern will do the trick. Choose a variety of floral pieces like bold artwork, large bed quilts, as well as small subtle kitchenware like plates, mugs, and glasses. You can sometimes find inexpensive vintage floral pieces at second-hand marketplaces or online. Fresh flowers in white or pastel-colored vases also add color to your home and spruce up your place.

Style Your Bookshelves

Organizing your books by color makes your shelves look cleaner and more cohesive. You can also add book displays in spring colors, as well as small sculptures and trinkets to add visual interest.

Display Wooden Bowls

One of the most inexpensive ways to enhance your interior aesthetics is by displaying colorful fruit in wooden bowls. Especially yellow, green, and orange citrus fruits arranged in big, beautiful wooden bowls can give your kitchen or living room a fresh spring look. They also make handy storage areas, serving as the perfect place to house your all-time favorite fruit, or even small items like your keys and other personal belongings.

Create a Green Centerpiece

Spring is the best time to decorate your home with leafy greens. Buy a variety of flowers and greens at a floral shop or pick them up in your garden to create a beautiful, natural, and fresh centerpiece for your kitchen countertop, dining room, or coffee table.

DIY Crafts

From paper flowers to mason jar projects, there are countless DIY projects that you can take on to decorate your home in an inexpensive but fun way. Gather your girlfriends to make an event out of it. All you need are a few mason jars, wrought iron coat hooks attached to small wood panels, and some jute rope to wrap around the jars. Attach the wood panels to the wall, hang one mason jar on the hook and add flowers or greens to decorate your wall with fresh spring blooms.

Spring Collage

An easier way to decorate your home spring-style is by creating a collage from old magazines and papers. Simply cut out beautiful motives, arrange and glue them to a paper base, and put them in a vintage frame. It’s a quick and fun way to create a mood board for your hallway, kitchen, or living room.

Watering Can Flower Arrangement

Another budget spring decor idea involves using a watering can as a flower vase. You may find an old, unused one in your basement or at a flea market. Simply clean it, fill it with water, a piece of wet foam placed at the center of the can and arrange twigs from your garden or fresh flowers in it. It’s an easy, cost-efficient but very effective way to decorate your interiors or exteriors in a vintage way.

Decorate Your Entry Way

Your main door and entryway should not be neglected. Here are some ways you can decorate your outdoors: a beautiful store-bought or homemade floral or grapevine wreath can quickly embellish your door. Adding multi-level stoop displays, sculptures of animals, evergreens, or pots filled with tulips will enhance your home’s curb appeal. And lastly, a personalized doormat or one that reads “Welcome” is an elegant way to greet your guests right at your doorstep.

Enhance Your Home the Best Way Possible

Ready to spruce up your home with beautiful spring decor? Bespoke and ever-evolving home decor such as timeless lighting and decoration options are vital components of a well-styled home, so you should take care to select the options that work best for you.

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