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What Does Family Mean to You?

Family is among Be Strong Families’ core values that begin with respect and appreciation for all people regardless of age they are, how young, the place they’re from and what they have been through and what they’ve experienced as a person, how skilled they are and how healthy and who they cherish. It is also a reflection of individuals’ choices of what they consider family and what kind of intentional, meaningful relationships they build. Family values extend to communities and also to the sisterhood in addition to brothership. Even though we share this notion, the word “family” has a different meaning for everyone. Learn from the Board of Directors about what the meaning of family is to them:

“My family has been supportive of supporting me as I raise my sons. They form the basis of who I am in my life. My uncle and aunt who took me to look at colleges when I was an elementary school student and encouraged me to pursue a further education. My grandparents helped me pay for college education. Family has stood by me in both good and bad. If it weren’t my mother, I’m not sure what I would be today. Since my divorce 12 years ago my mother has assisted me financially in order to keep my home and cater to the demands of my growing children.”

— Nina Aliprandi (Board Chair) Director of Programm Services Maryville Academy

“Family to me is the base of my self and is a bond of love, acceptance, sacrifices as well as joy, support, and love, which is built on a foundation of strength and perseverance, as well as a an enlightened journey from the past, present and the next generations.”

— Sandy Baba, PhD. Education Researcher

“I believe family is more than family bloodlines, last names, or obligations. I believe “family” refers to all those in our lives who vow to be a part of our lives and love us unconditionally. It’s not a passive right, but a decision and a practice of kindness that allows us to flourish individually and in a community.”

” Fernando Barcelona, President / Creative Director, Barcelona and Friends

“Holding to one another as one

Roots are rich in stories about life

Ancestrally connected”

— Denise Boston, PhD and Dean of Diversity & Inclusion, California Institute of Integral Studies

“Family, broad and inclusively described, forms the basis for health and well-being of the community as well as individuals as well as well-being and prosperity. Let’s strengthen families to foster positive relationships and encourage resilience and optimism.”

— Anne Douglass, PhD. She is the Founding Executive Director of the Institute for Early Education Leadership and Innovation and an Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts

“Family means more than those I have a connection to. My family is a loving and loving group of friends with whom I can share a laugh or a tear. Without the support of my community, I wouldn’t have the same chance to be the mother and person I want to be.”

— Kassia Eide (Board Secretary), SPARK Family Engagement Coordinator, Fox Valley United Way

“I consider my family members as people who love you the most and wish to witness you flourish and grow. Health, respect, help, integrity and co-operation are my main values. My family knows my beliefs and I am aware of the values they hold. By gaining a better understanding of each other’s beliefs, we are able to reach an atmosphere of mutual respect and solidarity. People who have open minds and a open mind to see you as the human being you are. When things go wrong and a crisis comes your way and you are in need of help, you can count on your family. Family helps you return to your beliefs and helps make the right choices.”

— Kenneth Krantz, CFP(r) APMA(r), Financial Advisor, Grezlik, Krantz, and Associates Ameriprise Financial

“To me, a family means the person I can count on for help and laughter and to play with as well as to discuss the struggles and joys of life with.”

— Beth Lakier, Chief Operating Officer, Chicago Commons

“Family is having someone who will be there for you in spite of the flaws you may have. Family is a way of loving and supporting each other even when it’s difficult to do it. It’s about being the most perfect person you can be, so to influence your loved ones. Family doesn’t consider race, color, creed, or culture, it only looks at the heart. It’s not always about biological connection as it recognizes that many other elements and influences connect us. Family is constant as it is secure and trustworthy. Family isn’t just an important thing but what’s crucial!”

— Marvin Lazenbury, MHS, Associated Director of Housing, Bucks & Montgomery County Valley Youth House

“I often told my children when they were young”, Our family is like Noah’s Ark. Outside, life can be chaotic, harsh or overwhelming, just like flooding. Within our family, we wish to build an ark for one another, in which we feel safe and secure and feel the sense of belonging, being loved, thought about, looked after and fast.”They did it, and that’s how our family lives.”

— Naomi Mark, LCSW, Director of Education Programs in the Office of Workforce Development at the city’s Department of Social Services

“My affection for my family, my wish to see them satisfied with my choices are my life’s compass. I’m looking forward to advancing the mission of the organization through my efforts and my judgment. I view serving on the board to be an obligation to the community as well as being a rewarding and challenging experience.”

— Scott Reinglass, JD (Board Treasurer) Assistant Manager, Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.

“Family always feels close. The proximity is not determined by distance or duration. Regular gatherings result in mutual assistance. The occasional visits also enrich families with love. Family is comfort. It is the home of a family. The most important thing is that I do not limit family members to a particular group or a place. I am passionate about strengthening the entire community. I believethat the key to building a strong foundation is dedication and respect, and the creation of memorable moments.”

— Antoinette Rice-White Community Parent Leader Foster Parent as well as Child Care Provider

“Building solid families” is an effective strategy to protect yourself for any rational, sane society. A sane society supports everyone in achieving their most total capabilities as humans. I believe we can be real creators of our destiny instead of merely enslaving people to our future or past. This model of liberation allows absolute freedom when each part of society assumes responsibility for its own and our humanity as a whole. The model is built on the strengths health-based model that leads to an evolutionary leap, resilience and advancement towards the upper limits of our human nature. It’s a vision of hope, founded on the most potent power in heart, the love of God.”

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