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What is an Employment Contract Lawyer and Do I Need One?

Like every other matter with potential legal implications, it is crucial to understand the terms of your employment before signing on at a new company. In the excitement of getting a new job, especially a high-paying one, it’s easy to ignore the fine print and jump into signing employment agreements. However, it may be in your best interest to completely understand the finer details of your employment agreement before approving it.

It’s also crucial as an employer to utilize the services of employment contract lawyers before presenting agreements to your employees. Employment contracts are often drafted by legal personnel, and therefore the terms of such contracts are better understood by legal practitioners. This article explains what an employment contract lawyer is, their benefits, and where to find reliable and experienced employment contract lawyers.

What’s an Employment Contract Lawyer?

Also called employment agreements lawyers, employment contract lawyers are involved in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating the terms of an employment contract. An employment contract is a contract given to an employee by an employer, and the contract contains the terms of employment.

These contracts are typically given to newly hired employees after they are hired by a company. Other kinds of employment contracts that an employment lawyer might review are consulting agreements, freelance contracts, and independent contractor agreements. The employee/contractor or freelancer is expected to go through the terms of the contract and sign the agreement before starting their new role. An employment agreements lawyer provides legal counsel to their client regarding their employment agreement.

These agreements typically include things like terms of work, sick days, allowances, and other necessary components of employment. Technical speak often contained in these contracts can make them difficult to understand, so you may need legal guidance to help you understand and possibly negotiate the terms of your contract. Also, as an employer, you’ll need an employment lawyer to draft contracts for your new employees in the best interest of your company.

Benefits of Hiring an Employment Contract Lawyer

Employment lawyers have several benefits to both employer and employee. Getting an employment lawyer to draft your employment contract as an employer helps to protect your company’s interests. An employment lawyer will draft a contract that covers all the bases to protect your business and understands how to cover loopholes that may exist in contractual agreements. For example, your employment agreement lawyer will include clauses such as noncompete and nondisclosure to protect your company’s trade secrets and proprietary assets if an employee leaves.

An employee would need this type of lawyer to decipher the details of these clauses, and help negotiate favorable terms for their remuneration and bonuses. An employee would be able to protect themselves from being terminated with no cause with the help of a lawyer that specializes in employment contracts.

Where to Find Employment Contract Lawyers

You can find an employment agreements lawyer in your state to help you with your employment contract needs. You can also check local online resources to find the best employment lawyers in your area. The most reliable employment contract lawyers have track records of creating robust and binding employment contracts for several clients. Make sure to hire a lawyer who is well-versed in employment law and experienced in providing legal advice regarding employment contracts.

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