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Visa Rejection Or Refusal Reasons

Failure to adhere to the necessary information during the visa process is subject to visa rejection or visa refusal. Always apply with the help of Migration Lawyers Perth to avoid visa rejections or refusals. Check out the following reasons for visa rejections –

– Data Mismatch and Incomplete Application form

Make sure you fill in all the required details in the application form. Any missing information may lead to visa rejection. A spelling mistake or data mismatch should be avoided otherwise your visa might get rejected.

– Inappropriate visa documents

Valid documents are the most important part of the visa application process. Failing in presenting appropriate documents may lead to visa rejection or visa refusal. Presenting fake documents should be avoided otherwise your visa will be rejected by the top visa authority instantly.

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– Invalid Reason for Visiting the Desired Country

While applying for a visa you need to give a valid reason for visiting the desired country. For Example, if you are planning to visit Australia for taking medical consultancy then you need to mention this reason in your visa application process.

– Passport About to Expire

A valid Passport should be attached with the visa application. Your visa gets rejected in case your passport is About to expire or no page is left for the Visa Stamp. A passport represents your travel history. This enhances the chance of visa approval. This builds trust among the top visa authority.

– Apply before the Time

Visa Application takes one month to process. If you do not give appropriate time to the visa process. Your visa process might cross the traveling time. Don’t be in rush to apply before it gets too late. Try to apply for the visa application as early as possible. In case your visa gets rejected you will get time to appeal against the rejection.

– Funds Shortage

You must have sufficient funds in your bank account for the visa application process. Failing to do so may lead to visa rejection. One cannot take a step further without money. The same thing applies to the visa process and traveling to a foreign country demands lots of money.

– Criminal Record

To get your visa approved you need not have any criminal record. Applicants having criminal histories are a threat to the country and such applicants should not be entertained by the visa authority.

– Inappropriate Travel History

The applicant with inappropriate travel history like a previous visa application already rejected, an Illegal Immigrant, or Previously caught violating visa norms.

– Failed in Answering Visa Interview

A Visa interview is held to check your communication skills or the intent of your visit. Nervousness or hesitation in answering may showcase the wrong part of your personality. Sometimes it sounds fishy as well.

Poor Health Condition 

It is compulsory to pass the medical examination for the visa process. A medical certificate showcases your real health condition of you and builds trust amongst the visa authority that you are in good health condition to travel or exertion.

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