Become a Taekwondo Master

Become a Taekwondo master by achieving a black belt. Different organizations award the title of the master at different levels, but the time it takes between awards varies. Regardless of the class you are at, becoming a master’s requires dedication and drive to continue your training. Becoming a black belt master is more than a sport; it signifies a personal achievement. This article will explore the many benefits of mastering this martial art.

C. Rhee

As a young boy, Rhee learned Taekwondo in Korea. He also studied basketball, boxing, and gymnastics as a young man. 

He served in the Korean military and was promoted to eighth dan after teaching Taekwondo to the Royal Air Force in Singapore.  After his service in the military, Rhee emigrated to the United Kingdom, where he later taught Taekwondo to a group of British Royal Air Force soldiers.

Choi Hong Hi

Choi Hong Hi, the father of Taekwondo, was born in Korea in 1923. 

After graduating from college, he enlisted in the military, rising to first lieutenant and captain before being posted to Seoul as head of logistics. During his time in Korea, he taught Taekwon-Do to Korean and American soldiers, and in 1955, he named it Taekwondo.

Nam Tae Hi

Nam Tae Hi is a modern-day legend of the art of Taekwondo. He was instrumental in forming the art of Taekwondo in its modern form. Born in 1929, he started his martial arts training at a young age and was known as the father of Vietnamese Taekwondo. 

In 1954, the president of the Republic of Korea named him a national hero and recognized him as a leader in the field. Soon after, he and his team began teaching Taekwondo to the army. Their efforts paid off, and Nam Tae Hi was credited as the father of Taekwondo in Vietnam.

I. Kong

I. Kong, known as Yi-Kun, was born in 1943 in Korea. He began learning martial arts as a child, initially taking lessons in Shotokan karate. Later, he served in the South Korean army and participated in demonstration tours worldwide.

 After leaving the military, he immigrated to the United States and founded the Young Brothers Taekwondo Association. He was promoted to 9th dan in 1997 and currently resides in Las Vegas.

K. Han

Master Han is a Korean-American and a renowned Taekwondo teacher. He was born in Korea and began training in Taekwondo at age 8. His passion for art transformed his life, giving him the courage to pursue his goals and a strong sense of self-discipline. 

The martial art also helped him develop essential character traits such as respect and self-discipline, which he still teaches his students.

Paul Youn Sang Lim

Born April 26, 1969, in Seoul, South Korea, Taekwondo master Paul Youn-Sang Lim began training at age five. At age seven, he moved to Kansas, where he continued his training under the guidance of Master Seung Hae Lim. 

He attended Boston University and graduated in 1992. Since then, he has been part of the West Side Taekwondo community. He holds a 4th Dan ranking and is currently the Columbia University Taekwondo club director. He is married to Sun Lee, a retired teacher of Taekwondo.

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