EdTech tools for teachers and students

EdTech tools for teachers and students

Academically, students face several difficulties that occasionally obstruct their path to achievement (BAW, 2022). The past few academic years have shown us that quality always wins out over quantity when it comes to using technology in the classroom. The challenge is going through all of the technological teaching tools and Essay Writing Services available in our environment to discover the jewels.

Many parents, kids, and teachers are indeed looking forward to using less technology in the future, even after returning to traditional classes following a year of virtual learning. What are the top websites and technological resources for education? You know, the ones that can improve online learning, face-to-face instruction, and everything in between?

K–12 EdTech Tools of the Year

These websites and applications for education were chosen because they are user-friendly and can significantly improve learning. In other words, they improve learning in ways that would not be possible without technology and are not just another bell or whistle for a “techie” classroom.

Additionally, by using any of these sites (though not all at once! ), youngsters may improve their digital literacy, develop their tech-savvy, and learn about online safety.

1. Kahoot!

Middle school pupils loved playing Kahoot! is an interactive platform that turns the conventional act of raising hands into a fun game for the entire class. It is present in countless schools for a good cause! The website has recently grown to include pre-made content and tools for group work, assessment, and more. It is perfect for distance learning or spicing up an in-person activity.

2. Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition has a lot to offer both teachers and students, from coding education to developing arithmetic and other STEM abilities (Virginia, 2023). Children may contribute important past information, and it’s fascinating to watch how much more engaged they get as they learn while playing the game they enjoy.

Although it’s entertaining, some of you might be wondering if Minecraft can also be instructive. Is our response. See all the benefits that Minecraft has for youngsters.

3. PearDeck

PearDeck, which just linked with Google Slides, is a fantastic tool for enhancing direct instruction and including active student engagement. Teachers may work together to create engaging content, incorporate audio and visuals, and easily incorporate engagement strategies into their courses.

4. FlipGrid

FlipGrid is a great tool for bringing more face time into the classroom, whether it is virtual or not if students could use it. Students and teachers can record video comments, discussions, presentations, performances, and other video content on this safe platform.

5. Storybird

Storybird allows children as young as preschool age to put their fantastic stories and other creative work to life. Storybird gives children the chance to shine and be heard in anything from comic books and picture books to poetry and novels.

6. Google Expeditions and Virtual Tours

Even in a situation where travel is not an option, students can experience being there. Additionally, students can visit hundreds of museums, landmarks, and other fascinating locations across the world thanks to the incredible archives of Google Virtual Tours and Expeditions, which can bring history to life.

7. Headspace

Building attention, mindfulness, and de-stressing techniques in children are extremely beneficial, but sadly, these techniques are rarely taught in formal curricula. Teachers can utilize Headspace for free, which provides a variety of activities and materials for promoting mindfulness and mental health awareness in the classroom.

8. Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle, a platform that makes it simple to create videos for students to reference at any time, will be loved by teachers wishing to record important subjects. Additionally, Edpuzzle enables teachers to choose pre-existing YouTube content and publish the videos with comprehension-testing quizzes to make sure that students are paying attention to what they watch.

9. Screencastify 

Video is a really powerful motivator for pupils today. It’s how people watch and use their preferred media, and it’s frequently required in the classroom for more successful Coursework Help.

You have the opportunity to create educational videos with Screencastify that you can share with your students to enhance the learning environment. By enabling teachers to use video wherever they need it in the classroom, this piece of educational technology also supports blended, hybrid, and flipped classrooms. You can use a video that students watch at home to explain everything in your course before spending actual class time giving them one-on-one training to assist them to understand the material.

With the help of Screencastify, you can easily record, edit, and share video assignments with your students. Its powerful editing features improve learning by offering dynamic, captivating features. This educational technology platform makes it simple to organize virtual field trips.

The fact that Screencastify is a free Chrome extension and thus is permanently installed on your browser is one of its best advantages. You can download online apps to access the program as well. You can start making films right away thanks to how simple it is to use.

Simply download the Chrome extension and begin recording videos to get started with Screencastify.

special qualities:

  • The screen recorder feature makes it simple to record videos.
  • Share movies through the Watch Page, edit them to attract student’s interest and keep tabs on who watched
  • Take advantage of seamless Google Drive or Google Classroom connectivity.

10. Wakelet

Being a teacher requires ongoing self-education in the subject matter you teach. You need current sources and knowledge when developing course material, especially for high school. However, you’ve probably had the experience of finding the ideal fact a few weeks ago, only to discover that you have forgotten where it is in your notes.

A useful EdTech tool is called Wakelet. Imagine it as Pinterest for learning, allowing you to arrange your research materials. You can locate it when you need it.

For your students to share their research with their groups in collaborative settings, you can also incorporate Wakelet into a flipped classroom.

You can arrange the information in this program in a way that makes sense to you or your pupils. Simply gather the necessary data when you’re prepared to create some lesson ideas, then begin developing your plan.

Wakelet is a free tool that you can join using your Gmail or social network account. Register right away to begin going.

special qualities:

  • Without coding or technical knowledge, keep track of the resources you discover while browsing the web.
  • Make space for student collaboration.
  • Free access to an infinite number of collections, locations, and contributors


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