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Does a gas safety certificate london a legal requirement? Should it be renewed annually? What are the most recent rules? Find out here for the answers.

Every gas appliance should have a Gas Safety Certificate:

As a landlord, you require as a landlord, you must have a gas safety certificate london or CP12 for every gas appliance within the rental home. The requirement is legally binding, and every certificate must be renewed each year. If you don’t, you could face an expensive fine and the appliance could be dangerous that tenants can use.

The positive side is that with Homecare provided by British Gas your Gas Safety Certificates are maintained each year.1

A simple way to safeguard your property and your tenants:

Our Gas Safe-registered engineers will inspect your rental home’s appliances annually with Homecare. It helps keep you in compliance with the law and helps keep your appliances in good operating condition. It could even help prolong their lifespan.

We’ll mail a copy of our Gas Safety Certificate to your tenants to let them know that all is safe and ready for use. If there are urgent repairs required and we’ll take care of those as well.

Affordable and easy cover for landlords:

We offer a wide range of Homecare products that can meet your requirements and budget. We’ll also help you to spread the cost across the entire year using affordable monthly installments.

What’s included in the service:

When you sign up for Homecare You will receive our boiler knowledge as normal. Our expert will ensure your boiler is safe functioning properly when we perform the annual maintenance. You’ll also receive a list of all the work we’ve completed.

The engineer is expected to:

Make sure to check for leaks and indications of wear

Check the gas pressure

Check for carbon monoxide leaks

Complete your landlord Gas Safety Certificate

It’s just one visit:

In the event that your Homecare arrangement covers every one of gas appliances that are in your rental home it is possible to check them all or maintained simultaneously. You can book your appointment online or through the app.

Be aware that you must have annually renewed Gas Safety Certificate for every gas appliance you have in your property rental.

What you should be aware of:

In order to ensure you’re complying with the safety regulations and rules check out the Help and Advice section of the Gas Safe Register website. Our technicians can be Gas Safe registered, and certified to complete the gas safety certificate london.

Do I require Homecare to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate?

Our trained engineers can evaluate all your appliances for a Gas Safety Certificate if you don’t have Homecare.

Here’s how you can book:

Purchase online for your Gas Safety Certificate inspection online

We’ll create an account for you (within 24 hours)

Your documents will arrive in the mail

Make a reservation at a time that is convenient to have your inspection

You need a Gas Safety Certificate now?

They’ll be more than happy to help.

Keep abreast of the latest developments:

We’ve compiled some helpful information for landlords, such as details about the Gas Safety Certificates as well as electrical Installation Condition Reports. We believe you’ll find them beneficial, especially in the case of a new landlord or looking to expand the rental property portfolio.

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