What is an EICR Certificate in 2023?

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EICR Certificate, An Electrical Installation Condition Report is what’s known as an EICR.  It’s a report that evaluates the state of your electrical installation and highlights areas that require improvements or repairs. What is an EICR/Electrical Installation condition report accomplish?


Help ensure that your family protected by ensuring that you’re electrical wiring is in compliance to BS7671. You should be aware of any electrical hazards that could be present in your home. Highlight any areas where your electrical system isn’t conforming to the current standards, EICR Certificate.

When Do You Need an EICR?

It is essential to be sure to have an EICR performed on your electrical system every five years or sooner if there are any doubts about the security of your electrical system. A EICR is an obligation of law for those who rent a home as well as also recommended for homeowners who own their own home.

If you do not have an EICR but there is a problem in your electrical system your insurance provider may not be able to pay.

How often do I need to get an Electrical Safety Certificate?

The Electrical Safety Council recommends that you take an EICR test at least every 5 years. If you do have any questions about the security of your EICR, contact us at Landlord Property Certificates team now. We have a qualified electrical engineer who have the best at EICR tests and are up-to-date to comply with electrical safety standards.

How much will the EICR Cost?

The price associated with an EICR Certificate is based upon the dimensions of your home as well as your number of fuse boxes and the state of your electrical system. In general, an EICR costs between PS130 between PS130 and PS180.

Commercial vs. Domestic Cost of EICR Certificate:

The cost of commercial EICR will be greater than the price of a domestic EICR. This is due to commercial properties typically be more complex in their electrical systems. Additionally, the engineer will require more time for the inspection, EICR Certificate.

What’s the goal for an EICR?

Help keep both you and your family secure by ensuring that your electrical wiring is working properly. Identify any electrical dangers within your home.

Note any areas in which your electrical system isn’t in compliance with current standards.

Give you the list of suggested improvements or repairs

How long will an EICR require?

The length of time that the EICR is completed will depend on the complexity and size of your electrical system. An average EICR will take between 45 and 60 minutes to be completed.

Does the electrician be required to switch off power?

Yes, they must switch off the power to your home.

How will I be affected if fail to meet the EICR?

If you fail the EICR test, the certified electrician will offer you suggestions for modifications or repairs that meet the safety requirements for electrical installations. They will have to be done before the electrical installation is considered to be safe for the electrical system.

What is the cost of one EICR cost?

The price for an EICR Certificate is contingent on the area of the house and the number of fuse boxes and the state of your electrical system. The typical EICR costs between PS130 PS130 and PS180.

How can I make sure that I am able to conduct that I have a smooth EICR inspection?

In order to ensure a seamless EICR examination, it’s essential to. Make sure that the electrician is granted access to all parts of your electrical system to allow for a better inspection

Inform the electrician of any pertinent details about your electrical installation including any recent electrical repairs or shocks or other past EICR Reports, or other additions. If you have questions about the EICR Contact us now!


The electrical installation conditions reports (EICRs) are an essential element in ensuring the security of electrical installation in UK. If you’re the person responsible for electrical installations. it is crucial to ensure that you’ve got an updated EICR certification.

At Landlord Property Certificates we provide EICR certificates through our bonded electrician. They will perform an Inspection and Test, then provide you with a document within 24 hours. Our engineers are trained and are experts in their field. They have the most up-to-date information regarding the best methods for checking and testing electrical equipment.

Make sure you have your EICR certificate now and make sure that your property is in compliance with the current regulations.

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