Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate the law is now different in UK

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Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate, as an owner, you’ll be required to arrange an electrical safety certificate for your landlord for every property you have. It is necessary to obtain an electrical safety certificate from your landlord (also called An EICR Certificate) for your home if you don’t have one already, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

What are the electrical safety certificates legally required for tenants in 2023?

The electrical safety certificate has to renew every 5 years. As a landlord, it is your responsibility to arrange this, and make sure that any projects are completed safely.

What is an electric safety certification?

A landlord’s electrical safety certification is when an engineer, electrician or another ‘qualified person’ checks the electrical wiring in the rental property to be sure that the electrical system is functioning exactly as it is supposed to.

The electrical system includes the following:

Light fittings


Fuse boxes

Outlets to plug.

They may break or deteriorate as time passes which makes them more prone to electric shocks, and even causing fires.

What has changed in the electrical safety certificate law changed?

The law first changed. Tenancies created or renewed following this date had be accompanied by an electrical safety certificate. The law was changed. Every rental property now has to have a certification in place. If you don’t possess a certificate and you are not, you could be held accountable for fines up to PS30, 000.

Does the landlord’s electrical safety certificate valid for a year?

The electrical safety certificate is not have to be renewed each year. If you already possess a valid electrical safety certificate the certificate must be renewed at least every 5 years. It is also recommended to get one when there’s a change of the occupants, Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate.

Do I require a tenant electrical safety certificate if my home is located in Scotland?

You will need a landlord electrical safety certification for those who live located in Scotland. Soon you’ll require an electrical safety certificate for your landlord and a PAT test certificate if you have the short-term rental of an Airing or holiday home in Scotland.

Do I require a landlord electrical safety certificate if my home is new?

If you buy a house that was built new or completely rewired not require an electricity safety certificate. It is possible to use the Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) that you received may be used instead that certificate of electrical safety for five years.

If you purchase a new lease-to-let property in November 2020 and an EIC was issued in November 2020, you will not need to obtain an electric safety certification until the end of November 2025.

How can I obtain an electrical safety certification for my landlord and what is it?

In order to obtain a landlord electrical security certificate, you must arrange for a “credentialed person, such as an engineer to visit and examine your electrical system. The engineer will examine the installation for any damage and then run currents of electricity through your circuits to ensure that they are operating safely. The technician will have to shut off the electricity in order for the purpose of conducting the inspection. Keep this in mind if have tenants in your home.

The engineer will give you an inspection report, and will let you know whether the inspection was satisfactory or not satisfactory. If it’s not satisfactory then you must have any circuits that are damaged repaired and tested again after 28 days. Then, provide your tenant with an official proof of this report to keep for their records and give an official copy to your local insurance or council when they ask for it.

What is the cost of a landlord’s electrical security certificate cost?

It is contingent on the dimensions of the electrical wiring within your home. Keep in mind that you do not just be required to pay for an inspection that is completed, but also to repair any circuits that are defective that are found.

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